Well, we did get a major snowstorm.  But compared to the doomsday scenarios being played out on media, we got off very, very lucky.

I can\’t tell for sure yet (I\’m not particularly disposed to walking out wearing nothing but a terrycloth robe, and wading through snow with a ruler), but it looks like less than a foot to me.  That ain\’t exactly occasional flurries, but it is one helluva lot less than the 18″ – 24″ or more they were predicting when we got into bed.

I suppose it could start up again.  After all, yesterday\’s forecast was that the heaviest snow would be between 5AM and 1PM today.  But the same forecasters, using the same “listen to me folks, I\’m the expert” tone of voice, are now telling me that it has all moved  on.

Well, that\’s weather for you.  Look at it this way:  just assume the forecasts will be about as accurate as CBO estimates of what ObamaCare will cost, and you\’ll never be disappointed.

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