Marc Thiessen, former Republican speechwriter and currently a Washington Post columnist (among other things), has written an excellent, compelling piece on why Israel\’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, should ignore the threat and insults emanating from the Obama administration – undoubtedly with Barack Obama\’s personal imprimatur – and follow through on John Boehner\’s offer to speak before a joint session of congress.

I urge you to read every word of Mr. Thiessen\’s commentary.  But let me whet your appetite with the first few paragraphs – paying special attention to the last one, which I\’ve put in bold print:

Dothey talk this way about Iranian President Hassan Rouhani?

Afterlearning that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had acceptedaninvitation to address a joint session of Congress about the needfor new sanctions to stop Iran\’s nuclear program, the Obamaadministration went … well, nuclear.

One”senior American official” threatened Netanyahu, telling theIsraeli newspaper Haaretzthat “Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has a yearand a half left to his presidency, and that there will be a price.”Meanwhile a “source close to [Secretary of State John] Kerry”told The Post that the “secretary\’s patience is not infinite”and that “playing politics with that relationship could bluntSecretary Kerry\’s enthusiasm for being Israel\’s primarydefender.”

Oh,please. No wonder Netanyahu is going around these people to Congressfor support. Is Kerry defending Israel as a favor to Netanyahu, orbecause it is in the United States\’ vital interests to stand withour closest ally in the Middle East? Just the threat of withdrawingthat support validates Netanyahu\’s suspicion that the Obamaadministration does not have Israel\’s back in its negotiations withIran.

Mr. Thiessen goes on to list out a number of the personal insults thrown Netanyahu\’s way from members of the administration – who would never have done so without an understanding, tacit or overt, that it was perfectly ok with President Obama.

That makes Mr. Netanyahu look like an adult and Mr. Obama look like a petulant child.  Which, sad to say, pretty much sums up the way things really are. 

With an ego as big as the sky and an Accomplice Media ready, willing and able to cover for him at every turn, Barack Obama has essentially given Israel the back of his hand for 6 years….while playing footsie with some of Israel\’s – and our – most dangerous enemies, most notably Iran. 

Netanyahu knows it. Israel knows it (read the polls of how Israelis feel about Obama).  Marc Thiessen knows it.  And I know it.

I hope you do too.

Almost two more years of this nightmare to go.  Is there any way to move up time?

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