This is “the most trusted name in news”? 

The “deal” which traded liar and deserter bow bergdahl for 5 murdering terrorists has – with 100% justification – exploded all over the news.  It is the lead, or second-lead story just about everywhere….except CNN and ABC.

As I write this – it\’s just before 6:00AM:

– the lead story on CNN\’s web site is about a girl being stabbed,

-the sub-lead is about CIA technology being used for policing the streets,

-the “latest news” section has 12 stories, none of them related to the bergdahl firestorm,

-and in “other top stories”, the second entry is “Fellow soldiers:  Bergdahl a deserter”.

If CNN is “the most trusted name in news”, then tell me what it is trusted to do?  Immediately bury the single biggest story out there, on behalf of CNN (and former NBC) President Jeff Zucker\’s lord and savior, Barack Obama?

What will they supersede the bergdahl story with next? Another breathless update on the fact that there is no new news about Malaysia flight #370?

As CNN again disgraces itself, I can only wonder if Zucker and his cronies sit around the executive conference table, bury their heads in their hands, and wonder why no one watches what is left of their once-prominent network anymore.

And ABC News – which has also buried the bergdahl-deserter story just the way it buried Benghazi and the IRS scandal and Fast & Furious, is no better – maybe even worse.

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