Today\’s quote comes to us from Presidential Press Secretary, and unashamed serial liar, jay carney. 

Here, via Jeryl Bier\’s article at, is what carney had to say, in June of last year, about any negotiations to retrieve bowe bergdahl when it came up in a briefing (the bold print is mine):

“WhatI can tell you is that the main dialogue that we support is thedialogue between Afghans — between the Taliban and the Afghangovernment.  However, there are some issues that we would liketo discuss with the Taliban directly, and this includes the safereturn of Sergeant Bergdahl, who has been gone for far too long. 

“Wecontinue to call for and work toward his safe and immediate release. We cannot discuss all the details of our efforts, but thereshould be no doubt that on a daily basis we are continuing to pursue– using our military, intelligence and diplomatic tools — theeffort to return him home safely.  And our hearts are with theBergdahl family. 

“Withregard to the transfer of Taliban detainees from Guantanamo Bay, wehave made — the United States has not made the decision to do that,though we do expect the Taliban to raise this issue in ourdiscussion, if and when those discussions happen. 

“Aswe have long said, however, wewould not make any decisions about transfer of any detainees withoutconsulting with Congress and without doing so in accordance with”

I award jay carney Quote Of The Day “honors” for showing again, as he has continually done during his years as President Obama\’s Press Secretary, that he has absolutely no problem standing in front of us and lying to our faces.

Little wonder Barack Obama likes him so much.  Birds of a feather….

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