I just put on the TV for the last ten minutes, because I was curious to see/hear what the MSNBC crowd would do with the bergdahl “deal”.

Ed Schultz is on right now.  And what he is saying is so idiotic that I won\’t even try to paraphrase it.  I\’ll put up the transcript if/when I can get my hands on it, because you will not even believe how disgusting it is.


UPDATE:  Here is a transcript of the start of Schultz\’s commentary – in rust, with my comments in blue.  You decide who is making more sense:

Five members of the Taliban were released from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Bergdahl and there are conditions to this agreement. Now look at these men who were on the screen right here. Now, if you are an American, do you think this is a good deal or do you think that this is a bad deal? Do you feel that this is good that an American family is going to get their son back? Their deserter son?  They can have him. These men right here on the screen (the five terrorists being exchanged for bergdahl) have been held in captivity. We\’re not prosecuting them. We\’re not doing Habeas Corpus. We\’re afraid to bring them to the United States and go through the judicial process. We really don\’t know what to do with these guys! So why not give five of them away and get an American back? How about because the reason we don\’t know what to do with them is that they are terrorist murderers, as anyone with an IQ above 53 would know just by reading their backgrounds – who, speaking bluntly, should have been summarily executed on the battlefield.  The LAST thing we should do is return them to where they can kill again.  Are you mentally irregular? Oh, no, the Republicans can\’t look at it that way! If you think anger at this “deal” starts and ends with Republicans, your head is so far up your rectum you probably can read your own hat size through your ear canal. The former detainees will be under watch in Qatar for a year, and they are to have no contact with the Taliban. And you are sure that they\’ll be good little boys? Based on what? That Qatar promised to keep an extra special eye on them? This is so stupid I don\’t have the words to do it justice. The deal has Republicans, of course, crying foul all over the place. As they should. Congressional Republicans are complaining that president Obama, whoa, didn\’t give notice for 30 days releasing the detainees. As he was bound by law to do. Republicans are using a United States prisoner of war as a political tool in an attempt to make president Obama look bad. That\’s the story.  No, Ed, the story is that President Obama is using a United States prisoner of war – one who may very well be a sympathizer and collaborator with the enemy, as a dodge to deflect media attention from the VA mess and the upcoming hearings on Benghazi. But, then again, you knew that, didn\’t you? Maybe your bosses at MSNBC will give you a raise for being such a pathetic toady for their agenda.

I titled this blog “Ed Schultz\’s Incredibly Idiotic Commentary”.  Now you know why.

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