Here\’s a piece of news that isn\’t making many headlines in our wonderful “neutral”. media….but should be.

The Department of Commerce has revised its estimate of 4th Quarter 2013 growth.  Instead of 3.2% – which would have been mediocre, after years of recession and stagnancy – to 2.4%.  Which is lousy.

It has been over five years since the Obama administration took possession of the economy. 

It has been over five years since President Obama, and his 60% majorities in both houses of congress rammed through the “stimulus package”, which was supposed to have stopped unemployment in its tracks and brought it down to less than 6% by now, instead of going above 10%.  Now, after years of drifting in territory far above that level, it has dropped to the mid 6\’s – and only because so many millions of people have given up looking for jobs and left the workforce, so they don\’t count in unemployment statistics.

It has been 5 years since the national deficit blew up to almost three times what it was the worst year of the Bush administration, and now – with President Obama bragging about it as some kind of accomplishment, the deficit has “dropped” to a level that is half of his worst year (HIS worst year, not his predecessor\’s), but about 50% higher than anything we saw under Bush.

Yet, incredibly, there are still many people who blame all this on George Bush, not Barack Obama. 

Why?  That answer is easy:  because Barack Obama had now, and has had throughout his presidency, an Accomplice Media willing to back up anything he says and does…coupled, I suspect, with a fear that if they call him on this woefully incompetent, dishonest, damaging administration, they will be called racists.  And if it isn\’t him, it must be the last guy.

If some people are told a story enough times, they believe it.

Well, here\’s the news as I (and, happy to say, increasing numbers of other people) see it:  Barack Obama is a disastrous President, and this is a disastrous Presidency.  I don\’t give a damn what color his skin is. 

Do us – and your personal integrity – a favor. “Erase the face”.  Forget about Mr. Obama\’s melanin content.  Look only at where we are economically, socially (have we been more divided in decades?) and foreign policy-wise.  What do you honestly see?

Then think about what you would have said about it if this were a Republican administration.

Bottom line:  the mediocre-to-lousy economic growth referenced above is only a symptom.  It is not the disease.  But many in mainstream media are barely even reporting the symptom.  What does that say about them?

When do they start being journalists again?

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