From Julie Pace and Matthew Lee\’s article for the Associated Press:

U.S.officials said Friday that President Barack Obama may scrap plans toattend an international summit in Russia this summer and could alsohalt discussions on deepening trade ties with Moscow, raisingspecific possible consequences if Russia should intervene in Ukraine.Obama himself bluntly warned of unspecified “costs” forRussia.

“Anyviolation of Ukraine\’s sovereignty and territorial integrity would bedeeply destabilizing,” Obama declared. Such action by Russiawould represent a “profound interference” in matters thatmust be decided by the Ukrainian

“Costs”?  What “costs”?

What, exactly, is Barack Obama going to do when (not if, but when) Vladimir Putin ignores him, on the grounds that Mr. Obama is a weak man with poor diplomatic skills and no stomach to meaningfully challenge anything Russia decides to do in the Ukraine?

Can Mr. Obama really think he is going to win a game of chicken against a hard-assed former KGB operative with serious skills, who just made mincemeat of him with the ludicrous Syrian “deal”?  Better for him to just have shut up.

But why expect logic from a man who has been so abysmally incompetent at foreign policy throughout his presidency?

How could we have elected Barack Obama even once?  How in hell could we have elected him twice?

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