Here\’s a quote that you will have trouble believing you saw.  But it is a quote, nonetheless…straight from the mouth of cecile richards, who heads Planned Parenthood, who said it yesterday during Ronan Farrow\’s new show on (where else?) MSNBC:

Weare not a partisan organization. We\’re just looking to make sure thatpeople in office respect women\’s health and rights.”

Have you stopped laughing yet?

Here, from opensecrets.org, is how Planned Parenthood has “nonpartisanly” apportioned its contributions so far this year:

Contributions from this PAC to federal candidates (list recipients)
(100% to Democrats, 0% to Republicans)


And here are the 2012 data (opensecrets.org runs the data by election cycle, so they are issued in two year periods):       

Contributions from this PAC to federal candidates (list recipients)
(99% to Democrats, 1% to Republicans)


Does that look nonpartisan to you?

Yes, it is true that Republicans, as a party, are far less inclined to support Planned Parenthood than Democrats.  But a good many individual Republicans are pro-choice.  How are they making out in contributions?  And, in any event, if one party is supported over the other for any reason, then the support is partisan.

But wait. There\’s more.

On the same day richards made this ridiculous claim, here is what she said on the Latino “Fusion” network when host Jorge Ramos asked when she thought life starts (the transcript segment was pulled from Tim Graham\’s blog at newsbusters.org).  The bold print, of course, is mine:

RAMOSSo for you, when does life start? When does a human being become ahuman being?

RICHARDS This is a question, I think, that willbe debated through the centuries, and people come down to verydifferent views on that.

RAMOS But for you, what\’s thepoint?

RICHARDS It is not something that I feel like is reallypart of this conversation. I mean, to me, we work with women.  Iguess the way I\’d really like to I think everywoman has to make her own decision.

When life starts, you see, is not a scientific or medical issue.  It isn\’t when a child is formed, or moves, or breathes, or has a heartbeat, or feels pain.  It is whatever a woman decides…you know, like what color dress to buy. 

Too bad Mr. Ramos didn\’t ask her about women who think life starts at some point after childbirth.  Is that a decision every woman has the right to make also?

Personally, I support a woman\’s right to contraception, before or after sexual activity, and I support a woman\’t right to have an abortion….until there is a live baby

But I damn well know that whether there is a live baby means something.  Because if you “abort” then, you are, in fact, killing a live baby.

Evidently this means nothing to cecile richards, who cares about the ka-ching of a cash register a lot more than she cares about human life.

If her outlook is shared by Planned Parenthood (and I am sure it is), she is a sick woman, and it is a sick organization.

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