This installment of “real racism” needs no explanation. 

Read the following excerpts from Alan Blinder\’s article in yesterday\’s New York Times, and you\’ll have no problem understanding why:

TheUniversity of Mississippi said Friday that students could facecriminal charges for placing a noose on a statue honoring thecollege\’s first black student, and a fraternity announced that ithad expelled three men because of the incident.

SigmaPhi Epsilon, a social fraternity on campus, said in a statement thatthe men were a part of the group\’s chapter at the university. Thechapter, which said it told investigators about the role its membersmay have played in the vandalism, was suspended.

Theuniversity said its inquiry led law enforcement officials to seekinterviews with three students, all of them white 19-year-oldfreshmen from Georgia. But the students, whom the university did notidentify because of an educational privacy law, refused through theirlawyers to meet with the authorities unless investigators securedarrest warrants.

The university\’s police department has been leading the investigation,which began Sunday after a contractor heard men shouting racial slursnear the monument to James Meredith. Along with a noose, theauthorities found a version of the Georgia state flag that featuredthe Confederate battle emblem.

Apart from the overtly racist nature of this “prank” or social statement (hard to tell which was intended – maybe both), the scariest part of the story is that these three mindless ignoramuses were accepted to the University of Mississippi – or, for that matter, any institute of higher learning – at all.  They display the intelligence and the sensitivity of toilet bowl plungers.

And the shame would be compounded if, after this behavior, they, or anyone who helped them, are allowed to remain students at the University of Mississippi.

Real racism. It comes in all forms, from all sources. No group is immune to it, or from it.  Certainly not college students who think it is a laugh riot to depict a Black man – any Black man, but especially an iconic man like James Meredith – in a noose. 

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