Lots of people in Washington DC are signing up for ObamaCare\’s small business insurance marketplace.  Isn\’t that great?

Uh….. maybe not.

Read these excerpts from J.D. Harrison\’s article in Thursday\’s Washington Post, and decide for yourself:

Thousandsof people have purchased health coverage through the District ofColumbia\’s new small-business insurance marketplace, but only atiny fraction of them actually own or work for a small business.

Therest are members of or work for a single large organization – Congress.

Startingthis year, new rules require federal lawmakers and their staffers toenroll in health-care plans through the small-business exchange onthe city’s new insurance marketplace, known as DCHealth Link. So far, 12,359 representatives and staff members,including those who work in district offices across the country andthose working on Capitol Hill, have purchased plans, according tonumbers obtained by The Washington Post from city health officials.

Thecongressional total represents 70 percent of the privateinsurance plans purchased so far in the District and 98 percentof the enrollment on the city’s small-business exchange.

Kofmannoted that fewer than 300 actual small-business owners and employeeshave fully enrolled in coverage through DC Health Link, though anumber of other small firms have selectedplans but are still in the process of enrolling their employees.

Translation: A huge majority of the sign-ups for ObamaCare are congressional staff members.  Not private citizens.

Oh, one other thing – which, conveniently enough, is not mentioned in Mr. Harrison\’s article:  congressional staff members get a 75% subsidy for ObamaCare insurance payments. 

That\’s right.  YOU are paying $3 out of every $4 dollars on their behalf.

Funny thing, though:  a disastrous showing like this is barely being covered by mainstream media – which have, for the most part, touted ObamaCare as having had a rocky start but becoming better and better as time goes on.

Does what you just read in the article, and what you just read about how much ObamaCare is being subsidized, define as being better and better to you?

ObamaCare is an unworkable monstrosity.  And facts like these make it as clear as spring water.  Too bad if most citizens never get to see them. 

I\’ll bet Mignon Clyburn is ok with the coverage, though.

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