Dinesh D\’Souza is a politically conservative writer and filmmaker.

A month ago, the United States Attorney\’s Office for the Southern District of New York indicted Mr. D\’Souza for violation of campaign laws, based on a minor event involving a total of $20,000 – the kind that is laughed about for just about anyone else.

No less an authority than Alan Dershowitz, long-time professor of law at Harvard and lifelong liberal, says, about the indictment, that “I can\’t help but think that [D\’Souza\’s] politics have something to do with it. … It smacks of selective prosecution.”

I have not written about this until now, because I wanted to wait and see how things progressed. 

Well, a month has passed, and the only thing which seems to have happened is that Mr. D\’Souza remains under a cloud – which possibly will inhibit his ability to write and produce films, either through the amount of time necessary to defend himself, flat-out intimidation, or a combination thereof.

Now, four Republican Senators – Charles Grassley, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Jeff Sessions – have written  a letter to FBI Director Comey, asking for an explanation of what basis it has for going after Mr. D\’Souza.

I am very, very interested to find out the FBI\’s answer – along with, if at all possible, an explanation of why other people with similar or greater campaign violations are not similarly indicted.

Aren\’t you?

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