I am not trying to be cruel or insensitive here.  I like Bob Costas very much. 

But – maybe it\’s because of his recent eye problems, maybe some other reason – his wig was so obvious last night that it jumped out at us.  I can\’t believe I\’m “spilling the beans” to anyone by saying this.

Bob, it\’s ok to wear a hairpiece.  But please put it on a bit more carefully.  Thanks.

On a more substantial note, my congratulations to the large, and increasing, number of medal winners from the USA – and, with 100% sincerity – to every member of our team who gave it his/her beast but did not wind up on the podium.

I doubt you can find a nicer, more down-to-earth bunch of Olympians anywhere. What a refreshing difference between them and so many of the Asian and Eastern European combatants (that\’s a more appropriate word for them) who come across as one-dimensional automatons with no personalities and no humanity at all.  Even the few smiles they give us at the end look entirely insincere – like something their coaches told them they had to do.

One other note: I wonder how long after the Olympics are over and the camera crews are all gone it will be, before putin sends troops to the Ukraine to “help out” his fellow comrade, Viktor Yanukovych (who, there are reports, has fled Kiev…which I can only hope for the Ukrainian people\’s sake is true). 

People who wonder what the USSR was all about doesn\’t have to read a book or watch a documentary.  They can just watch these two.

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