Hard to believe that President Obama would be silent about a racial incident, isn\’t it?

Oh, wait, the incident is a Black on White crime.  Never mind.  Not hard to believe at all.

On Friday night, Harris County (Texas) Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth was shot and killed, execution-style, while doing nothing other than, while in uniform, filling up at a local gas station.  The suspect in custody, named Shannon Miles, is Black – and, even if he turns out not to be the perp (exceedingly unlikely, based on the news reports), video surveillance makes it clear that whoever did do the shooting was Black as well.

An entire weekend has passed, and not one word about this, not one statement, written or verbal, from President Obama…

….the same President Obama who had plenty to say about Trayvon Martin.  And Michael Brown.  And police in general as they interact with mostly-Black communities.

Why should we not conclude that President Obama distinguishes between people based on their race? 

And why should it not be as odious when he does it as when anyone else does it?

If you have an answer, I\’d love to see it. 

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