What message do you figure that sends, when it is being chanted by the “blacklives matter” crowd?  Who do you think they\’re threatening?

Why do I ask?  Read the following excerpts from Bill Hudson\’s article for WCCO TV, CBS\’s  St. Paul, Minnesota affiliate, and you\’ll have your answer:

Traffic disruptions and loud messages aren\’t the only things memorable about Saturday\’s Black Lives Matter march to the gates of the Minnesota State Fair.

One of the chants heard from protesters is being called “disgusting” by rank and file St. Paul Police officers. Police Federation President Dave Titus says the threatening refrain is divisive, dangerous and won\’t lead to improved police relations.

“We weren\’t surprised it was peaceful, but we were glad everything worked out right,” March organizer Rashad Turner said.

But along the way, protesters broke into a pointed refrain that has St. Paul police officers upset.

Marchers chanted in unison, “Pigs in a blanket, fry \’em like bacon.”

“Statements and chants like that are just ignorant – I find it absolutely disgusting,” Officer Titus said.

Titus called the protester\’s chant both dangerous and outrageous. All the more so Titus says, because it came just hours after a Texas deputy was gunned down in cold blood.

“I don\’t think chanting or singing what\’s basically promoting killing police officers is peaceful,” Titus said.

“It definitely wasn\’t a threat. I don\’t know if they would have received it differently if we would have said on a stick. We\’re there chanting, using our voices,” Turner said.

 Nah, chants calling police pigs who should be fried – why would anyone find that threatening?  Just a peaceful little march, that\’s all.

The “tea party” movement – which primarily demanded less government and lower taxes – got (and continues to get) more negative press in any three day period from our supposedly “neutral mainstream media, than the “blacklivesmatter racists have gotten since this hate group came into being, months and months ago.

When do these throrougly compromised jokes start acting like the “journalists” they are supposed to be? 

Can they even spell “journalists”?

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