Did you know that, since State’s Attorney kim foxx (dis)graced Chicago by giving jussie smollett a free pass…

…Kiera Ellis, her director of external affairs has resigned?

“So what”, you might say.  “People resign all the time”.

Yeah, but how about this, pulled from Jazz Shaw’s article at hotair.com:

The departure of Ellis comes on the heels of Foxx losing her First Assistant, the boss of the Special Prosecutions Bureau, her Chief Policy Officer, one Senior Advisor, and a Deputy Policy Advisor. It’s almost as if nobody wants to be standing too close to her when a knock comes on the door or something.

As was previously reported, everyone from the Mayor to the police unions has called on Foxx to resign. 

Count them up and you have six resignations.  In what?  A couple of months?

They are running, not walking from this sunken, not sinking but sunken, ship.

That said, Shaw goes on to tell us there is no mechanism in Chicago for removing kim foxx from office.

Lucky for jussie smollett.

Very lucky for kim foxx.

Too bad for Chicago.

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  • Just another example of why there are ongoing petitions from Illinoisans to secede from Chicago!

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