Here, from (mostly ObamaCare-supporting) CNN, are its latest poll data…and how those data compare to the previous two waves.

-In December, when the horrific web site rollout was all over the news:  35% favored ObamaCare, 62% opposed it;

-In March, when the web site rollout was no longer in the news, but there were issues regarding how many enrollees there would be:  39% favored, 55% opposed;

-Now, after four months of largely positive media coverage:  40% favor, 57% oppose.

Bottom line:  if these data are accurate, they show that, even with positive media coverage, the country does not want this unworkable monstrosity.  Just like virtually every other poll from every other source has for years.

As Abe Lincoln famously said, you can\’t fool all the people all the time.

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