Excerpted from Ido Ben-Porat and Ari Soffer\’s article at Israel National News.  Please pay special attention to the paragraph I\’ve put in bold print:

TheIDF has struck a terrorist position in Gaza\’s Al Wafa hospital,illustrating the highly sensitive and illegal use of civilian targetsas humanshields by Hamas and other Gazan terrorist groups.

IDFsources say that the controversial decision to attack the positionwas taken after several days in which ground forces came under heavyfire from gunmen positioned inside the hospital grounds. The firereportedly included both light weaponry and heavy anti-tank missilesdirected towards IDF armored vehicles.

“Thehospital premises were being used as war rooms and command centers bythe terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad,” said an IDFspokesperson.

Themilitary added that it had repeatedly warned international agenciesand the Palestinian head of the hospital directly about the gunfirefrom the hospital, as well as several other senior Palestinianofficials – but to no avail. Instead, in the past several hours theintensity of the attacks has only increased, posing a real andimminent danger to the lives of soldiers operating in the area,forcing the IDF to respond with fire of its own.

The reason for that emboldened paragraph is to get past the fact – and it is one – that, in war, many claims are made which turn out to be false; nothing but propaganda.

But in this case, Israel – which was within its rights to take out that position any time it cared to – warned international (and supposedly neutral) entities about it, along with the head of the hospital. Israel acted only after those warnings were ignored.

Which, therefore, makes Israel a bunch of murdering subhumans, right? After all, they hit a hospital, didn\’t they?

Expect to see that story line in the media, folks.  It\’s what a lot of them like to do.

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