I\’m starting to think that Barack Obama\’s strategy is that if he does everything he can to damage the United States as blatantly as possible, the fact that he is simultaneously screwing our staunchest ally, Israel, will fly under the radar.

Not at this blog, Mr. President.

First we have the following excerpt from Khaled Abu Toameh\’s article for the Jerusalem Post:

Fatahand Hamas on Thursday moved a step close toward implementing thereconciliation agreement they signed last month as PalestinianAuthority President Mahmoud Abbas asked his prime minister in theWest Bank to head a Palestinian unity government.

Abbasentrusted Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah with forming a nationalconsensus government, according to a Palestinian official inRamallah.

Themove came as Abbas received a message from US President Barack Obamaaffirming US support for the establishment of a Palestinian statenext to Israel.

And then this, from William Booth and Ann Gearan\’s article in the Washington Post:

Palestinians overcame last-minute squabbles to form a new”government of national unity” Monday, backed by the Islamistmilitant group Hamas, which the United States and Israel have brandeda terrorist organization.

Theannouncement of the transitional government, led by the moderatePalestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah and withministries run mostly by technocrats, represents a significant steptoward ending a seven-year feud between the Palestinian politicalfactions that separately control the West Bank and the GazaStrip .

Italso appears to skirt, barely, U.S. prohibitions on aid to aPalestinian government that has “undue” Hamas presence orinfluence. The Obama administration had worked behind the scenes tosuggest terms for the new coalition government that would not triggerthe U.S. ban, reasoning that the money helps preserve Americanleverage.

To summarize:

-Mahmoud Abbas, a dictator* who leads fatah, the political faction which runs Palestinian Areas of Judea and Samaria (also known as the west bank,) has formalized a unity government with the terrorist group hamas, whose charter specifically calls for the obliteration of Israel, every square inch of it, the killing of all Jews in or out of Israel, and rejects all peace talks no matter who holds them and what the negotiations yield…

-…which is just fine with President Obama, who has not had one bad word to say about it.

Look, I understand that most of the “Lost Tribers” (Jews and non-Jews who support Israel but also have managed to rationalize support of Obama) will find a way, however contorted and ridiculous, to pretend this is a positive development.  They are beyond hope.

But the rest of us – and every poll I have ever seen shows this to be a majority of the United States – will be repulsed by President Obama\’s latest sellout of one of the strongest, most loyal allies we have in the world.

With every other scandal swirling around this astonishingly poor excuse for a President, this should not get lost in the shuffle.

Be sure to tell your friends.


*Abbas was elected to a four year term in 2005.  He decided not to hold the next elections in 2009, and has never held another election since.  Therefore he is a dictator.

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