I just tuned into Ed Schultz\’s show on (where else?) MSNBC – just in time to hear him sneer out a torrent of insults aimed at Dick Cheney – with the overriding theme that, since he got draft deferments and never served in the military, Cheney has no right to talk about the bowe bergdahl story.

FYI:  Dick Cheney was, among other things, a presidential chief of staff, a Vice President of the United States, and, most significantly regarding Schultz\’s tirade, our Secretary of Defense, who oversaw the highly successful Operation Desert Storm.  

By contrast, Ed Schultz is a very loud talk show host, who – unless his biography somehow left it out – never served a day in the military.

But it\’s ok for him to endlessly pontificate about all matters military, while Dick Cheney should just shut up.

What a blowhard schmuck this man is.

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