This is “the most trusted name in news”? 

The “deal” which traded liar and deserter bow bergdahl for 5 murdering terrorists has – with 100% justification – exploded all over the news.  It is the lead, or second-lead story just about everywhere….except CNN and ABC.

As I write this – it\’s just before 6:00AM:

– the lead story on CNN\’s web site is about a girl being stabbed,

-the sub-lead is about CIA technology being used for policing the streets,

-the “latest news” section has 12 stories, none of them related to the bergdahl firestorm,

-and in “other top stories”, the second entry is “Fellow soldiers:  Bergdahl a deserter”.

You have just read what I wrote early this morning.

But now it is about 5:00PM, and this story is exploding even further.  So, surely, CNN must have elevated the bergdahl desertioni to some kind of significant status, right?


Now it still is neither the lead nor sub-lead story.  But in the list of “top news stories” it is #10…..which makes it the 12th most important story on CNN\’s web site.  Among the stories ahead of it are Brad Pitt\’s comments about someone who punched him and a drug approved by the FDA.

And even at #12, what story is CNN running?  “Was Bergdahl swap legal? It depends“.  In other words, not about the fact – perfectly clear now – that bergdahl was a liar and a deserter whose desertion has cost us the lives of at least 6 other soldiers, and probably a good many more, but a discussion of whether the “deal” was legally consummated (not that it matters to bergdahl or the terrorists, since that trade has already taken place).

Further on in this morning\’s blog I sarcastically asked:  “What will they supersede the bergdahl story with next? Another breathless update on the fact that there is no new news about Malaysia flight #370?”

And, as if in answer, here is the third story in CNN\’s “The Latest: list – 7 spots ahead of bergdahl:  “Is mystery underwater sound the crash of Flight 370?”

You cannot make this stuff up.

And, news-wise, you cannot sink lower than CNN\’s “coverage” of the bergdahl scandal.

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