Fritz Haemmerle is the Mayor of Hailey, Idaho, the hometown of liar and deserter bowe bergdahl.

As the “Welcome home” celebration in Hailey continues to be put together, complete with local and corporate sponsors (big $$$-day for Hailey), members of bergdahl\’s platoon, one after the other, come forward and tell us in no uncertain terms that he deserted his unit, and as we learn of how many soldiers died trying to find this deserter (initial reports were 6 deaths, now we are told it may have been as many as 14), 

So what does Haemmerle have to say about this? Here\’s his full statement (the bold print is mine):

TheCity of Hailey is very pleased with the release of Bowe Bergdahl fromcaptivity. For these past nearly five years, the City of Hailey hasstood by Bowe Bergdahl\’s family in their quest to bring their sonhome. That day has arrived, and the City of Hailey can take comfortthat Bowe Bergdahl has been returned.

PastBowe Bergdahl celebrations in Hailey have focused on bringing thissoldier home. For the men and women who choose to serve, the City ofHailey believes we do not leave our soldiers behind. Bowe Bergdahl\’sfamily is a part of our community. We celebrate the return of theirson to his hometown.

TheCity of Hailey has received many phone calls and e-mails on theextreme polar sides of Bowe Bergdahl\’s release. There are those whohave negative opinions about the release of Bowe Bergdahl and theCity of Hailey\’s planned celebration of the return of this young manto his hometown. Some of these negative e-mails do raise some veryimportant points. If objective facts and a careful investigationreveal that Bowe Bergdahl should face consequences in a United StatesCourtroom, then the United States should do what it believes isnecessary. On the other hand, if the same investigation shows thatthere is no evidence to support any action, then the process hasworked, and people should take comfort that due process has beenserved.

TheCity of Hailey respectfully requests that people do not pre-judgethis young man. The City of Hailey believes in due process, and weare very happy to let the process unfold. In the meantime, ourcelebration will focus on Bowe Bergdahl\’s release and the relief ofhis family and those who live here.

Ahhhh, we see. 

-The massive, overwhelming evidence that bergdahl is a lying deserter whose desertion directly cost the lives of other soldiers is nothing more than “negative opinions about the release”. 

-And while Haemmerle (not the city of Hailey – he speaks for no one but himself) “requests that people do not pre-judge this young man”, having a big celebration in his honor – as if there were no question at all that he were some kind of conquering hero – is not pre-judging him.  That\’s just fine. 

If I were a betting man, I would be betting that if this sick, disgusting “celebration” actually comes off, code pink and the cindy sheehan crowd – maybe even cindy sheehan herself – will show up to celebrate too. I wonder how the good folk of Hailey – especially its veterans – would feel about that.

My suggestion to Fritz Haemmerle, for whatever it is worth to him (probably nothing, given the mindset he is displaying in that statement) is to start acting as if he cares more about our country and our military than the sack of manure he is desperately trying to prop up, and call this sick farce off.

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