With 97% of the votes counted, here are the results of New Hampshire’s Democrat primary:

Bernie Sanders:  25.9%

Pete Buttigieg: 24,4%

Amy Klobuchar: 19.8%

Elizabeth Warren: 9.3%

Joe Biden: 8.4%

Tom Steyer: 3.6%

Tulsi Gabbard: 3.3%

Andrew Yang: 2.8%

Deval Patrick: 0.4%

Michael Bennet: 0.3%

And here is the fallout:

-Bernie and Butti are one-two again, on top of the heap.  But let’s remember that Iowa and New Hampshire are small, atypical states, with only small percentages of Black and Latino citizens.  Upcoming states will be a real test of their vote-getting potential with these two population segments, both of them imperative to any Democrat’s chances of winning a national election.

-Amy Klobuchar, in one small primary, has gone from nowhere to somewhere.  Now she’ll get more media attention and more donors.  Whether that translates into a serious presidential run remains to be seen.

-Elizabeth Warren could not even get to 10% in a neighboring state.  It would take a small miracle to get her back into this.

-Joe Biden, the big “leader” who pundits were calling the most “electable” crashed and burned to a fifth place finish here.  The only thing that might save Biden is his (relatively speaking) popularity with Black voters….and, even there, his numbers with that segment have taken a hit in the latest polls.  If Elizabeth Warren needs a small miracle to get back into the hunt, Biden needs a huge one.

-Tom Steyer, like the casino degenerate, will continue to throw bad money after good and keep trying to get somewhere.  If he ran his hedge fund this way, he’d be broke and sued by his investors.

-Tulsi Gabbard, though a very substantial individual, has never been a serious candidate.  But she seems to be having fun.  Maybe this is her prelude to a senate run.

-Andrew Yang has dropped out.  Back to being a successful businessman, but now with lots of political stories to tell his clients.

-Deval Patrick, a two-time Governor of next-door Massachusetts, managed to get less than 1,000 votes.  I only mention this because now I can say that’s the Deval in the details….since a bad pun is about all that I can find in this candidacy. (UPDATE:  Mr. Patrick, who,  comparatively speaking, made The Invisible Man look like a July 4th fireworks display, has dropped out of the race.

-Michael Bennet has dropped out.  No one noticed.

OK, on to Nevada and South Carolina.

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