The above blog title is two other things as well.

It is a quote, voiced by President Trump, describing Michael Bloomberg’s possible entry into the Democrat presidential sweepstakes.

It is, at least to me, a clear effort to goad Bloomberg into crossing the rubicon and going for it.

Why would President Trump do such a thing, when Bloomberg has what I think most people would consider a positive record as the three-term Mayor of New York, and enough money to buy and sell Trump over and over again?


-Bloomberg’s entry as (relatively speaking) a political moderate would blow what’s left of Joe Biden’s supposedly moderate campaign to kingdom come;

-As a candidate, Bloomberg will do Trump’s work in attacking the Democrat front-runners, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, as far leftists out of step with the country – which will enrage the far left Democrats who, at least as of now, seem to be running the Party;

-If Bloomberg wins the nomination,by attacking and defeating his hard left opponents, their loss will not only lower Democrat turnout on election day, but quite possibly might  result in the emergence of a third-party, left wing alternative, which will take a percentage of votes from him Рmaybe enough to swing several states from blue to red;

-Even if Bloomberg loses the nomination, he will have materially damaged every other candidate by attacking them on issues, and probably forcing the eventual winner to severely deplete his/her campaign funds – which obviously would put that candidate at a huge disadvantage in the general election.

Donald Trump is certainly no stranger to making insulting comments and angering the people he is commenting about.¬† Doing this to Michael Bloomberg -whose ego is no match for Trump’s, but nonetheless is still right up there – appears designed to push him over the edge and into the campaign…with the above results.

Let’s see if it works.

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