“Investi-Gate” is the name I have given to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo\’s abrupt shut-down of a commission charged with investigating corruption…when it started looking at the actions of Mr. Cuomo himself.

I ended yesterday\’s blog on this subject this way:

Now comes the fun part.  Let\’s see how much coverage “Investi-Gate” gets.  Or do you think you already know?

I will be blogging about the extent of “Investi-Gate” coverage over the next several days. 

As promised, here is its status: 

-The New York Times, to its credit, has followed up its report with a lead editorial in today\’s paper which bluntly accuses Governor Cuomo of being part of the problem rather than the solution and of preventing an investigation of himself and the people around him for potential ethical violations.  Here is how it starts:

Gov.Andrew Cuomo ran for office four years ago promising first andforemost to clean up Albany. Not only has he not done that, but nowhe is looking as bad as the forces he likes to attack.

Lastyear, Mr. Cuomo created an independent commission that he promisedcould go anywhere – even his own office – to root out corruption.But a report in TheTimes on Wednesday showed that he never intended to keep thatpromise. The commission was not independent, and Mr. Cuomo\’s aidesblocked it whenever it tried to investigate the governor’s officeor his biggest supporters.

Mr.Cuomo now says the commission, which he abruptly disbanded to make adeal with the Legislature on an inadequate set of partial reforms,was never supposed to look at his office and that because he createdit, he got to call the shots.

I commend the New York Times for its follow-up.  If this is what the paper uncovered, it obviously is what the paper should be editorializing about.

But how about the major networks?  How does their coverage compare with the way they covered Chris Christie\’s “Bridgegate” – which involved a far less significant event (the closing of several lanes on the George Washington Bridge for several days)?

Here\’s your answer:

-NBC News:  No coverage that I can find on its web site.

-NBC Today Show:  No coverage that I can find on its web site.

-CBS News:  No coverage that I can find on its web site.

-CBS This Morning:  No coverage that I can find on its web site.

-ABC News:  No coverage that I can find on its web site….but an article telling us that the Republican candidate running against Cuomo has criticized New Jersey Governor  Chris Christie for commenting that he has very little chance to win.

-ABC Good Morning America:  No coverage that I can find on its web site.

In other words:  Nothing about “Investi-Gate”.  Not one word.  Not even after the so-called “newspaper of record” does a front page story and a lead editorial about it.

So tell me:  how does this compare to the non-stop coverage given “Bridgegate”.

There are many reasons I blog so much about media bias. This is one of them.

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