“Badges?  We ain\’t got no badges.  We don\’t need no badges.  I don\’t have to show you any stinking badges”:  The bandit nicknamed “Gold Hat”, in Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre was written in 1927, and released as one of Humphrey Bogart\’s very best movies in 1948 – both long before President Obama was born.

But you can\’t say he didn\’t learn from that line.  Just substitute “ethics” for “badges”, and see for yourself.

Excerpted from Melissa Quinn\’s (well-referenced) article at 

AndrewSlavitt, a former executive at the technology company tasked withsaving and current second-in-command at the Centersfor Medicare and Medicaid Services, was granted an ethics waiver bythe Department of Health and Human Services to begin working with hisformer company immediately.

Thewaiver was granted despite Republican lawmakers\’ concerns aboutSlavitt\’s potential conflict of interest. The Daily Signal revealedthose concerns in a storyyesterday.

Slavitt,a former OptumInsight/QSSI group vice president, left the companylast month to work as the principal deputy administrator at theCenters for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which runs Obamacare His post makes him the No. 2 at the agency under CMSAdministrator Marilyn Tavenner.

Theformer Optum executive gave the maximum campaign contributionsallowed to President Obama\’s Victory Fund and Obama for America-nowOrganizing for Action-in 2012, federal campaign records show.

Accordingto the ethics waiver, issued July 11 by the Department of Health andHuman Services and postedpublicly last week, Slavitt will be able to begin working on mattersinvolving his former company, OptumInsight/QSSI.

Withouta waiver, Slavitt would have had to wait at least one year beforeparticipating in work that involves his former employer.

Wait a minute:  HHS gives an ethics waiver to a big-time Obama contributor so that he can work on resuscitating ObamaCare?

What is going on?  Is Mr. Obama confusing health care with how he hands out ambassadorships?

Chicago machine politics at its finest. 


As usual.

I wonder if the President mentioned any of this at the five fundraisers he was running around to over the past two days, as world events blow up everywhere.  I\’ll bet he could get a few great laugh lines out of it.

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