Did you know that the Government Accounting Office (GAO), conducted a procedure in which 12 obviously fraudulent applications for ObamaCare were submitted – and that 11 of the 12 sailed right through, as though no one gave a damn whether they were fraudulent or not?

Not if you watch the network news, you don\’t.  Because the three major networks, the three major sources – CBS, NBC or ABC – have provided virtually no coverage of this obviously damning story.

You can read about it in Amy Goldstein\’s article for the Washington Post – and, even there, you\’ll find it is written in a way that tries to gloss over the damning conclusions that would logically be drawn (“evidence of still-imperfect work by specialists intended to assist new insurance customers”, Amy?  Yeah, that\’s all it is).

After five and a half years of fawningly acting as Barack Obama\’s Accomplice Media, can this possibly surprise you?  I hope not.

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