In 2009, when hundreds of thousands were marching for freedom in Tehran and other Iranian cities, President Obama declined to speak out, on the grounds that it was another country\’s internal affairs – a position which reversed 180 degrees when Israel announced it was building a few hundred residential housing units in Jerusalem (if you\’re wondering how, at this point, anyone who supported Israel could support Obama, welcome to my world).

Then, last year, when it became so clear Iran was developing a nuclear arsenal that even the Obama administration could not fake ignorance, President Obama and, presumably, Secretary Of State Kerry, cut a deal in which there was a significant lifting of sanctions against the country in return for a series of promises that its nuclear program would be ended – none of which have been kept (a reality which any average 5th grader could have predicted, but which Mr. Obama, but either could not, or did not want to).

But we must have gotten something for letting Iran off the nuclear hook, right?  Something for Iran\’s continued ability to mortally threaten Israel, our staunchest ally in the Middle East (at least until this administration took office, that is) and, more generally, world peace.

Well, yes.  We did.  And here it is, courtesy of excerpts from Reza Kahlili\’s article at

Iran\’ssupreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, stated on Wednesday that theonly solution for the region is the destruction of Israel, and thatthe armed confrontation must expand beyond Gaza.

Meanwhile,revolutionary guards announced new missiles which could destroyIsrael\’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

FarsNews Agency, a media outlet run by the Iranian state, reportedtoday that Khamenei addressed the conflict in Gaza in a meetingwith Iranian college students.

Thesecrimes which are beyond imagination and show the true nature of thewolfish and child killer regime, which the only solution is itsdestruction,” the ayatollah declared to his audience. “However,until that time, the expansion of the armed resistance of thePalestinians of the West Bank is the only way to confront this wildregime.”

Khameneithen criticized America, claiming its defense of Israel is”shameful,” and suggested that its support affects Iran\’sbehavior towards America.

There you have it, folks. There\’s our reward. A statement that the only solution to the Middle East is not peaceful co-existence, but the obliteration of the Jewish state – and an attack on the USA for its “shameful” defense of Israel…which is currently engaged in the crime of responding to unending attack from a terrorist organization committed, in writing, to its destruction.

Personally, I feel that the scariest part of this is not what khamenei said; it is what I would expect from a hate-filled exporter of world terrorism. 

The scariest part is that I don\’t know for sure whether he has a receptive audience in the White House.

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