Ken Berwitz

President Obama just started talking.  His opening?  “I just talked to MY Nationa Security Advisor, MY Attorney General, MY………..

This is one of the many reasons I have a problem with Barack Obama.  They are not HIS, they are OURS.

He says it all the time, and it infuriates me every time he says it.

President Obama\’s entire statement:  We have done a lot to fight terrorism, we are succeeding, we are making sure terrorists don\’t get into the country, feel safe this Thanksgiving and go about your business.  He took no questions.

Remember:  less than two weeks ago he told us ISIL (that\’s ISIS to the other 99.9% of us) was a “jayvee squad”.  Just last week he told us that it was “contained”….and, hours later, we had the horrific Paris attack.

Why, then, would we have any confidence in the assurances he just made?

One other thing:  is it just me, or did  Mr. Obama just lay down a challenge for terrorists to do something this Thanksgiving?  

God I hope they don\’t take him up on it.

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