Ken Berwitz

Here is the first and last paragraph of an article written by Peter Hermann, which appeared in the Washington Post\’s November 18th edition:

District police are searching for a group of teenagers whothey said attacked a woman and her child in their sport utility vehicle inGeorgetown earlier this week and smashed the sun roof with a rock.

Police had no descriptions of the teens.

No descriptions of the teens?  As noted by John Fatzick\’s article at dailycaller.com, the first sentence of the police report says the suspects are Black males.

Therefore, the claim that police had no descriptions of the teens is a flat-out lie. 

When you lie in order to avoid mentioning people\’s race, thus your lie is because of their race, that makes you a racist.

Now tell me:  Who is the racist?  

Is it Peter Hermann, who, assuming he looked at the police report he specifically referenced in this article, knew damn well that the “teenagers” were identified as Black?  Is it a copy editor who removed that information from Hermann\’s article?

Or is it both of them:  Hermann for lying about there being no description and the copy editor for allowing the lie to find its way into print?

It seems to me that Peter Hermann and the Washington Post owe us an explanation.

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