From Vanessa Romo and Philip Reeves’ article at National Public Radio (NPR):

Venezuela’s pro-government Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the main opposition coalition won’t be allowed to register for the presidential election, a decision that is fueling accusations of election rigging even before people head to the polls.

The nation’s most popular anti-Maduro leaders, such as Leopoldo López, leader of the Popular Will party, and Henrique Capriles, head of the Justice First party, who were both previously excluded from the election are now scrambling to figure out their response, according to Reuters.

As NPR reported, many leaders of Venezuela’s fractured and weak opposition have been imprisoned by the government, barred from politics or remain in self-imposed exile. They claim the electoral system has been rigged to favor Maduro and guarantee him a second term.

The U.S. has declared it will not recognize the elections, saying they will only undermine Venezuela’s constitutional order and deepen tensions within government.

There you have it.  Eliminate the competition from running against you, and it’s a pretty good bet you will win.

My condolences to the people of Venezuela, whose country has devolved into a one-party gulag, with no democracy, no economy, no goods, no services and no hope.

Venezuela under nicolas maduro is the Western Hemisphere’s answer to North Korea under kim jung un.

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