The above question is sincere.

In her rational state, would Hillary Clinton ever have said what you are about to see in the video which was put up by Huffington Post contributor Alex Mohajar?

It certainly looks and sounds exactly like her, so I’m pretty sure it is real.

Click here to watch and listen for yourself, as she thanks “activist bitches supporting bitches” for their support, and laughs after doing so.

Yes, there actually is a group called Activist Bitches Supporting Bitches”.  It isn’t very big and isn’t very well known.  But in your wildest dreams would you picture Hillary Clinton getting in front of a camera and microphone calling them out by name?

Where was she?  It looks like a restaurant, or maybe an event that – as of yesterday – I couldn’t find on her schedule.  If so, which one?  Who was she with?  Did she say that after a few drinks?  How many?  Or after drinks interacted with her medications?  Which ones?

I await some response from Hillary Clinton’s people.  But, since I have little confidence that mainstream media is going to embarrass her by playing it, she probably won’t have to provide any.

Protecting Hillary is a lifetime gig.

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