Just one voice 
Singing in the darkness
All it takes is one voice
Singing so they hear what’s on your mind
And when you look around you’ll find 
There’s more than
One voice
Singing in the darkness
Joining with your one voice
Each and every note another rock
And hands are joined and fears unlock
If only one voice
Would start it on it’s own
You need just one voice
Facing the unknown
And then that one voice
Would never be alone
It takes that one voice


Which one will it be?  Which voice will be the first?

We’ve already heard voices from the Republican Party who, whether you agree or don’t agree with them, have spoken out in the most heartfelt terms about their problems with where the Republican Party is going under Donald Trump.

You might agree with them, disagree with them, or fall somewhere in between.  But at least they have spoken out.

Yet, still no Democrats have spoken out about where the current leadership has taken their party.  How far left of center.  How far from the rest of the country.

Will the first one speak up?  And, if so, who will it be?

Will it be Joe Manchin, one of the few moderate Democrats left in the United States Senate?  Ben Nelson, about whom the same could be said?

Will it be Chris Coons, who though decidedly left is an honorable man?

How about Chuck Schumer, who might have an epiphany and realize what carrying the water as minority leader has done to his formerly solid reputation?

Maybe Rep. Jim Costa of California.  Or Kirsten Sinema of Arizona?

And though their ranks are currently depleted, there are others as well.

Which one of them will stand up and say “Look, I’m a Democrat and I support Democrat ideals.  I will never become a Republican because I am at odds with them on too many key issues.”

“But the Democrat party I signed up with is not the party of Maxine Waters.  Or Raul Grijalva.  Or Nancy Pelosi.  Or Jerrold Nadler.  Or Keith Ellison.  They have taken us down a path that I am not comfortable with.  That I find more and more difficult to rationalize.  More and more difficult to explain to my constituents.

“I’ll say it again:  I am not switching parties.  But I stand for a Democrat Party that, not so long ago, I was proud to be a part of.  And which I want very much to be proud of again.

“A party that does not judge everyone and everything by race and gender.  A party that recognizes laws can be changed but must not be ignored.  A party that has not separated itself from the mainstream of our country.

That one voice, if it ever is heard, will be a very brave one.  The speaker will be attacked mercilessly….by precisely the people who caused him/her to speak out.  And the speaker will be congratulated by gloating, insincere Republicans, many of whom see nothing but the political value for their side in what the speaker has said.

But the speaker has no control over who likes or dislikes those words. If he/she speaks them for the reasons described above, they stand by themselves, no matter what anyone else says thinks.

In the song, “One Voice”, Barry Manilow’s wonderful lyrics end with the words “And everyone will sing”.

That is unlikely to happen in a political environment.

But it can mean the world to the speaker’s principles.  The speaker’s dignity.  And who knows, maybe other voices will join in as well.

That’s a song I’d love to hear.

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