I do not want to see Roy Moore in the United States Senate.  But if he wins his race over Doug Moore (whom I also don’t want in the U.S. Senate, albeit for very different reasons), it will be people like Gloria Allred who put him there.

How can that be?  How can Gloria Allred, who accuses Moore of writing what she has called a flirtatious entry in a young girl’s high school yearbook, be helping his senate run?

Because a) the entry, even if it is real, is not overtly flirtatious (which, of course, has not stopped most mainstream media from happily joining the Allred bandwagon), and b) it is entirely possible he didn’t write it in the first place, and that his signature is forged.

Here is how Ms. Allred, when confronted on CNN – hardly a Moore supporting venue – with this possibility and asked flat-out why she won’t submit it to a handwriting analysis, ducks, shucks and jives instead of agreeing to do so:

Translation:  that’s not happening before the election.  Don’t even think about it.

People who strongly support and strongly oppose Moore will probably not be moved by this video.

But people who are on the fence – maybe who had originally intended to vote for Moore, but had second thoughts based on the accusations made against him – might very well see this and conclude that this accuser…and maybe the others…are full of it.

Bottom line?  Back on track to vote Moore in next month’s special election.

Way to go, Gloria.  If nothing else, your reputation for magically coming up with accusers … who, all too often, disappear soon after the desired result is achieved (think Herman Cain, among others)…remains intact.

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  • CNN blows. At the 14 sec. mark they put up 3 Moore signatures. then take it down in less than 2 sec. They use a black and white copy of the yearbook signature instead of in color where you can see the different color inks, Roy is in black ink, all the rest is in blue ink. They don’t point out the inconsistencies in the 7’s and also on 12-22-77 he wasn’t the DA.
    Wouldn’t the viewers want to know those things?
    Fake news at its best.

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