As mainstream media continue to position President Trump’s (admittedly ill-conceived) “Pocahontas” comment as a racial slur against Native Americans rather than the derisive reference to Elizabeth Warren that it actually was…

…it would be nice if a few of them took time out from their Trump hatred to attack Elizabeth Warren for lying about her non-existent Native American heritage so she could get ahead – first in her academic career and then in politics.

Has it occurred to these geniuses that when Ms. Warren got her job at Harvard, in part because her fraudulent claim of Cherokee heritage met the school’s diversity needs, she was displacing an educator with legitimate Native American heritage; taking that person’s job?

Do they find that offensive?  And, if not, why not?

Donald Trump may be a thin-skinned, egotistical loudmouth.  But there is a reason that, when he talks about “fake news”, it resonates with so many people.

I strongly urge the media he is referencing to think about that.  Long and hard.

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