In case you think it was just leland yee and patrick cannon….

….let\’s not forget gordon fox, the speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives – who hurriedly resigned from his post and announced he would not run for re-election after state and local authorities raided his offices last week.

God knows what he\’s guilty of.  Unfortunately for fox, so do the state and local authorities, evidently.  Otherwise, why the immediate resignation.

Now:  How much have you read about it?  Seen on the national news?

But New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the lane closing scandal there is no evidence he participated in?  When don\’t you read about it and see it on the national news?

There is literally a Democrat crime wave in progress.  We are not talking about obscure local politicians, we are talking about a major state senator/mayoral hopeful, the Mayor of a major city and the speaker of a state house of representatives.

But, due to media\’s dilligent non-coverage, few people who rely on mainstream media for their news know a thing about it.

I will end now as I have ended two other blogs today:  I talk a lot about media bias in here.  This is why.

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