Earlier I talked about leland yee, the Democrat California State Senator and former Mayoral candidate who is being charged with a multitude of crimes…and who has gotten scant coverage in the national media.

Point of order:  he ain\’t the only one.

Patrick Cannon is…more exactly, was…the Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina – the state\’s largest city.  He has resigned after being arrested and charged with, among other things, taking almost $50,000 in bribes.

Big news, right?

Nope. One-day coverage and out. Have you seen anything about this on the network news? The morning shows?

Do you need me to tell you that Patrick Cannon is a Democrat.

Like leland yee, Cannon is lucky that he wasn\’t accused of closing a couple of bridge lanes….and that he is not a Republican.

In the lee blog, I ended by saying “I talk a lot about media bias in here.  This is why”. 


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