…here, for your perusal, is the latest poll – this one evaluating her performance as Secretary of State – which was conducted by usually Clinton-friendly

As you can see, 53% feel that Ms. Clinton did not do a good job as Secretary of State – 32% saying she did a “poor” job, versus only 14% saying she was “excellent”.

Not very impressive, is it? 

If those data are correct, it means that the country views her four years as Secretary of State in decidedly negative terms.

It can be argued that most people don\’t have the slightest idea what a Secretary of State does, thus are reacting from a position of ignorance.  To them, I point out that this is the same position they will be reacting to in the voting booth. 

It can also be argued that much of the negative sentiment is due to the ongoing Benghazi investigations….that if Republicans were not hot and heavy into pushing this scandal or non-scandal (depending on your point of view), her numbers would be higher.  To them I point out that a) even if you are right, it still puts Ms. Clinton where she is, and b) this pretty clearly indicates people feel the Benghazi issue is a major one, because if they felt it was nothing with nothing, Benghazi would not have affected her numbers.

Assuming she even runs (which is still very much in doubt), Hillary Clinton is no lock for anything.

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