Today\’s quote comes to us from zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Adviser under President Jimmy Carter and father of “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski.  During his time in the Carter administration, brzezinski made it more than clear that he hated Israel\’s guts – which certainly put him in good stead with Carter, who has always shared his views.

And just in case anyone might think that now, at age 86, those views might have modulated in any way, here is what brzezinski said on his daughter\’s show this morning after being asked by Mike Barnicle, in a sarcastic play on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying “man\’s got to do what a man\’s got do” to defend his country, if there were any middle east leaders “man enough to sit down and cut a cease-fire deal” :

“Ithink there are somepoliticians in Israel who are men enough and women enough to do that.I don\’t include Prime Minister Netanyahu in that category.I think Madeleine (NOTE:  the reference is to Madeleine Albright, who was born Jewish but intentionally hid this fact all her life until she was \’outed\’) put it extremely well. The issue is larger thanjust Gaza. The issue is peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

“The peace, if there were one, would resolve in a large measure of theproblem in Gaza. The fact is that honest, dedicated efforts toproduce that peace by our secretary of state, by the President of theUnited States, by previous leaders of the United States, previoussecretaries of state of the United States like Madeleine, forexample, have made that effort.It\’s been scuttled by Mr. Netanyahu. That\’s the fact of the matter.

“Howcan you have peace if at the same time someone is incorporating theterritory that is at issue, is building on it, is indicating thatmost of the territory will be part of Israel and that thePalestinians can be a second-class minority and essentially amilitant Israeli state? Most Israelis don\’t support that. MostIsraelis are in favor of peace. The majority of the American-Jewishcommunity is in favor of peace. But theideologues, hard-liners, the ones that promulgate confrontation arein charge, and that\’s what\’s so hard and so disgustinglydestructiveforboth Israelis and the Palestinians.”


A few facts for zbigniew, which seem to have escaped his purview:

-hamas is a terrorist organization.  You might want to check with the State Department on that;

-hamas is committed in writing to the obliteration of Israel, the death of all Jews in and out of Israel, and to the rejection of all peace deals without exception.  Read the effing hamas charter, zbigniew, and see for yourself….if you can bear to deal with facts instead of mindless hatred;

-Benjamin Netanyahu cannot possibly “scuttle” a peace deal, because, as noted above, hamas – specifically, in writing – rejects any such deal before it is ever made.  Again, read the hamas charter and see for yourself – specifically articles 11, 12 and 13.  Even a hater like you cannot escape the clarity of what it says.

-You are dead, 100% wrong about Israel “incorporating the territory” of Gaza.  Stop attacking Israel long enough to read a history book, zbigniew, and learn that the exact opposite is true:  Israel gave Gaza to Palestinian Arabs in its entirety – every square inch of it – in 2005.  This, to my knowledge, is the one and only time in world history a country voluntarily gave up contiguous land to its sworn enemy in an effort to secure peaceful co-existence.  Israel\’s “reward” for its unprecedented gesture has been that, the one and only time Gazans had a chance to vote in free elections they put members of hamas in charge of most positions, hamas then took the rest of them by force, and Israel has been subjected to non-stop attacks from Gaza ever since – all of which you are perfectly happy to ignore;

-Benjamin Netanyahu made a decision to “promulgate confrontation” with Gaza only after literally thousands of rounds of mortars and other artillery were rained on Israel by hamas.  That is not promulgating confrontation, that is reacting to confrontation.  But, in your sick world, hamas\’ actions are not worthy of even being mentioned, let alone cited as a reason for Netanyahu\’s decisions.

I award zbigniew brzezinski Quote Of The Day honors, for reminding us that a hate-filled scumbag is a hate-filled scumbag, no matter how old he gets.

I\’d love to hear how daughter Mika feels about this…..but the fact that she invited Daddy Disgustingest on the show to spew his bile probably has already given me my answer.

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