At the beginning of Barack Obama\’s presidency he engaged in an “apology tour” during which he went to countries which, on the best day of their history, did not have one iota of the freedom and democracy we enjoy, and apologized for the USA being the USA.

Now, he is engaged in a “feckless tour” during which. instead of showing himself as a strong leader of the most powerful nation on earth, he instead shows that he is in about 100 miles over his head, does not know what he is doing, and compensates by doing nothing.  This leaves a power vacuum in the world which has been filled by people – like vladimir putin, for example – who have no business being at the forefront of anything.

The latest example is that – very quietly (thank you, Accomplice Media) the deadline for Iran to abide by that deal Obama & Co. cut, in which its nuclear assets will be converted to peaceful uses, has passed without Iran doing an effing thing.  In other words, Iran ignored him.

So what does President Obama do?  Instead of re-imposing significant sanctions and pressuring the rest of the world to do so as well, he gives Iran more time – four more months – to continue to ignore him.

Read the following excerpt from a statement issued by the bipartisan United Against Nuclear Iran group – co-authored by Gary Samore, a former member of the Obama administration – and understand just how serious this really is:

“Todate, the economic benefits accrued to Iran are greater than what wascontemplated in the [Joint Plan of Action]. While the state of theIranian economy remains in difficulty, Iran\’s economy has improvedand the regime\’s diplomatic isolation has lessened. So far,however, Iran has not shown a willingness to dismantle any of itsuranium enrichment capabilities and it continues to research anddevelop missile delivery systems and advanced centrifuges.

“Thecourse of the negotiations has revealed a clear gap on the mostimportant issue – the number and type of centrifuges. With itscurrent enrichment capacity, Iran\’s breakout time to producefissile material for a bomb remains at a few months. However, Iranhas been unwilling to consider a reduction in its current capacity,and the Supreme Leader recently proclaimed that Iran seeks a muchlarger enrichment program. This is unacceptable. If Iran remainsunwilling to dismantle its nuclear infrastructure, forgo anindustrial-scale enrichment program and address the ongoing questionsabout the military dimensions of its nuclear program, there is littlepotential for a diplomatic resolution.

Meanwhile, Iran continues to enjoy the benefits of being released from the sanctions we decided to no longer impose, thus generating billions and billions of dollars in desperately – needed cash, which enable it to continue its nuclear program.

What is President Obama waiting for? When does he intend to step up to the plate and act like the President of the United States? After Iran develops its nuclear arsenal, and starts aiming it at our allies?

Feckless is as feckless does.  And President Obama does. 

I count the seconds until he is out of office.

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