So far, being bosom buddies with James Comey and stacking his staff with Democrats who contributed to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton wasn’t enough to get Robert Mueller canned as Independent Counsel of – with apologies to Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld – an investigation about nothing.

So now he has hired another Democrat staffer – Elizabeth Prelogar – who has not only contributed to both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, but is a former law clerk to hard left clones Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan.

Chuck Ross’s article for has the particulars about Prelogar and all the others.

There are three reasons I can think of that Mr. Mueller would do this.

-He thinks that if there is a top-heavy load of anti-Trump people, and they find there’s nothing to the charges, it will be a prima facie case that Trump is clean as a hound’s tooth.   I consider this the least likely possibility.

-He intends for this to be a star chamber, in which Trump is dead meat before there are findings, and even if they can’t come up with anything real, the Trump haters on his staff will improvise to come up with something anyway.  I consider this the most likely possibility.

-He has decided he doesn’t want any part of this, but doesn’t want the embarrassment of resigning so quickly after taking the job.  So he has decided to stack the deck so heavily against President Trump that Trump will do it for him – which, he figures, will get him noble spirit/aggrieved party status from most of what passes for mainstream media these days.  I consider this a realistic possibility.

Can you come up with any others?  If so, let’s see them.

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  • Can you come up with any others? If so, let’s see them.


    Donald J. Trump is responsible for the Traffic Jams at the George Washington Bridge in Ft. Lee, NJ. [Sept. 2013]

    Donald J. Trump causes Global Warming.

    Donald J. Trump colluded with the British at the Battle of New Orleans.

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