Robert W. Wood, writing for Forbes, asks whether Bill Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton owe the IRS a whopping amount of money in taxes for “speeches” they have made to groups which want to exploit their influence (as if anyone is paying just to hear them speak) – speeches defined as “revenue” – which they then laundered ran through their family piggy bank The Clinton Foundation.

Boy does he ever have a point.

Here are two paragraphs of Mr. Wood\’s article – which I strongly suspect will causee you to use the link I\’ve provided and read the rest:

Mr. Clinton spoke to Thailand\’s Ministry of Energy, China Real Estate Development Group, Ltd, and Qatar First Investment Bank. Mrs. Clinton spoke to Goldman Sachs, Citibank and JP Morgan Chase, to name just a few. The Foundation admits much was not disclosed publicly because they were treated as revenue, not donations. The foundation has now provided a listing of the speeches. The dollars are not all that clear, but the Foundation pledges continued updates.

The disclosure says Mr. and Mrs. Clinton earned big speech fees, and the list shows Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton turning over between $12 million and $26 million. Anyone who has dealt with the IRS before might ask: how can one just assign the fees to the Foundation? Does that really work for tax purposes? Is there a contract that requires it? Do the Clintons pick and choose which fees they hand over and which they keep?

The Clinton Foundation is aptly named.  Because, like just about everything else the Clinton\’s touch, there is a suffocating stench there – the stench of a “Foundation” that uses only a tiny percentage of its funding to do charitable works, and the rest for ???????????????

My bet is that, as bad as things look now, the more they are investigated the worse it will be.

Go get \’em, Mr. Wood. 

And don\’t back off, New York Times and Washington Post – both of which, so far, have reported about The Clinton Foundation with a level of interest and honesty I don\’t usually expect from mainstream media when it comes to the Clintons.

I want nothing more or less than what any reasonable person should want:  the truth… 

…which should have all three Clintons quaking in their designer footwear.

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