So how is Baltimore doing, now that:

-The city\’s street thugs -and there is no shortage of them – know that the Mayor has no problem giving them “space to destroy”, and

-The State Attorney is acting like a combination campaign manager for her husband (who likely loses his City Council seat if the people he represents – from Freddie Gray\’s district – don\’t think she is going after the police hard enough, regardless of fairness), and helpmate of the lawyer for Freddie Gray\’s family (who worked for her election, contributed the legal maximum $$$ to her, and was part of her transition team)?

Here\’s your answer, courtesy of the following excerpt from an article at WJZ, CBS News\’ local affiliate:

It\’s the deadliest month Baltimore has seen in more than 15 years. More than two dozen shootings over the holiday weekend alone have city police working around the clock.

Now, leaders hope community members come forward to help stop the violence.

From West Baltimore, to the East Side, Govans, to Reservoir Hill–a spike in weekend violence is plaguing all parts of the city. Over the Memorial Day Weekend alone – city police report 28 shootings and 9 homicides.

Baltimore Police say they responded to 6 shootings on Friday night, 7 on Saturday, 5 on Sunday and 10 by night fall on Monday.

There have been 108 homicides in the city this year. City police are now putting together mini task forces to hit hot spots throughout the city.

Is there any way to prove that the major spike in violent crime is related to the actions of Baltimore\’s Mayor and State\’s Attorney?  No there is not.

But is there reason to suspect that this is a consequence of the belief that police now will back off rather than enforce and protect the way they did before the Freddie Gray incident out of fear that, they will be presumed guilty until proved innocent?  We both know the answer.

Congratulations, Mayor Rawlings-Blake.  Congratulations, State\’s Attorney mosby.  You seem, jointly, to have produced a major accomplishment – one which is certain to impact tourist traffic this year.

I mean, the restaurants will be jammed, especially for second seatings, and the night spots will be loaded. 

After all, why not?  Look at how safe Baltimore now is.

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