Here\’s a shock.  A federal court has ruled that illegal means……illegal.

Excerpted from Stephen Dinan\’s article at

A federal appeals court upheld an injunction against President Obama\’s new deportation in a ruling Tuesday that marks the second major legal setback for an administration that had insisted its actions were legal.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled in favor of Texas, which had sued to stop the amnesty, on all key points, finding that Mr. Obama\’s amnesty likely broke the law governing how big policies are to be written.

The full amnesty had been scheduled to begin last week, while an earlier part had been slated to accept applications on Feb. 18. But just two days before that, Judge Andrew S. Hanen issued his injunction finding that Mr. Obama had broken the law.

As noted above, this is the second time President Obama\’s “decision” to give illegals “amnesty” – with, in all likelihood a quick path to citizenship, and the right to vote – has been struck down in the courts because Mr. Obama does not have the authority to make such a decision.

Scarily, however, lack of constitutional authority is not something that our current President pays a lot of attention to.  So we can only hope that, this time, he acts as an elected official in a three branch, separate-but-equal government, rather than a tinhorn dictator in a third world hellhole.

Stay tuned.

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