When was the last time you saw or heard david hogg’s name?

Probably a several weeks ago, when he proclaimed a boycott of Laura Ingraham’s sponsors – which a number of them were scared into falling in line for.

Ms. Ingraham then went on a one-week vacation (a pre-planned one, according to Fox News Channel…the timing of which looks more than a little suspicious, but that’s for another blog).

During that week, Fox made it clear that, unlike Bill O’Reilly, she very definitely was coming back.

And come back she did – with the highest ratings in her time slot and, though not from all of the same companies as before, plenty of advertising.

Now, one of the “boycott” advertisers, Ace Hardware, has reconsidered and is back on board.  I have little doubt that others will follow.

So where does that leave david hogg?

Media-wise, I’d put him – and his pal, Emma Gonzalez – somewhere between indifference and oblivion.

Other than for the victims and their families, the Parkland massacre is fading from public memory.  Media, and the left wing activist groups which were able to exploit hogg as their front-man for over a month, have moved on to the James Comey book and the Syria attack.

As I noted in my March 15th blog, this is the Leopoldo Pisanello effect, in full bloom:  wall-to-wall media coverage, followed by maybe a few short term ripples here and there, but mostly nothingness.

So, bye-bye, david.  I hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes.  And be sure to say hello to Cindy Sheehan for us.


  • I saw this on Drudge today.

    Parkland, Florida shooting survivor David Hogg announced Monday that he would launch another boycott sometime later this week following his successful campaign against Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

    “Going to announce another boycott this week… Stay tuned,” the high school senior tweeted along with a gif of a nervous Kermit the Frog.

    • Whoever wrote that has an interesting view of what a successful boycott is. Ingraham remains on the air, her show has advertisers galore, and at least one of the advertisers who said they were going away came back, with, I strongly suspect, more to follow. If I ever get a cable news show, I will keep my fingers crossed for a boycott just like this one.

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