Did you by any chance see Woody Allen’s 2012  movie, “To Rome With Love”?

One of its characters, Leopoldo Pisanello ( played to the hilt by Roberto Benigni) was an obscure clerk, who, due to being in the right place at the right time, suddenly became a national celebrity. Paparazzi would not leave him alone, asking him questions about everything he did day and night, including what food he ate and what kind of underwear he had on.

Pisanello was initially baffled by the attention, but quickly grew to love it, and bask in the glow of his new-found celebrity…

… until one day it was over. Until the media frenzy directed itself elsewhere, and left him completely flummoxed by the fact that he was no longer a major object of their attention.

David Hogg is an obscure Parkland, Florida high school student who, due to having what media consider the right positions on gun control and the NRA, suddenly has become a national celebrity. U. S. media will not leave him alone, and he is basking in the glow of his new-found celebrity…

You can finish this one yourself.  If you ask me, the ending can’t come soon enough.

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