This report, excerpted from Richard Pollock’s article at, implicates both loretta lynch (no more capital letters for her name) and andrew mccabe – whose reputation is already, justifiably, in tatters.

The Department of Justice Inspector General report on the “lack of candor” by FBI deputy Director Andrew McCabe also documents for the first time the Obama administration’s effort to shut down the bureau’s investigation of the Clinton Foundation, according to a review of the report by The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group.

The inspector general (IG) confirmed in its long-awaited report released Friday that in 2016 the FBI had ongoing field investigations of the Clinton Foundation in New York, Los Angeles, Little Rock, Arkansas and Washington, D.C. The multi-city investigation was launched when agents found “suspicious activity” between a foreign donor and Clinton Foundation activity in the Los Angeles area, as TheDCNF reported in August 2016.

The report, authored by Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz, an Obama appointee, chronicles the Justice Department’s effort to to shut down the FBI’s investigation on Aug. 12, 2016. The pressure allegedly came in the form of a phone call to McCabe from a Justice Department principal associate deputy attorney general (PADAG) who pressed McCabe on the continuing investigation. The IG did not identify which PADAG made the call.

Loretta Lynch was attorney general at the time of the August call. She had been caught privately meeting with former President Bill Clinton in June 2016 on her government aircraft on the tarmac in Phoenix. That meeting occurred only days before Comey decided not to pursue criminal charges against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the use of a personal email server that she used to conduct official Department of State business. Lynch later claimed the Phoenix meeting was “innocuous” and a “chance encounter.”

If you like activities that are underhanded and 100% political and ethics-free, you need look no further than President Obama’s Attorneys General.  Eric Holder was bad enough.  But Loretta Lynch?  She left him in the dust.

As for andrew mccabe?  Let’s just say that firing him before his pension kicked in, thus denying him a reward for his activities, is the very least that should have been done.

I hope it doesn’t end there.  And maybe it won’t – in a way that Ms. Hillary Clinton  would not be very happy about.

For over a year now, we have been treated to media speculation about people indicted by robert mueller “flipping” and testifying against President Trump.  That hasn’t happened yet.  And, at least as of now, there is no indication it will (maybe because there’s nothing to “flip”).

But what if andrew mccabe is pressured to “flip” regarding his activities on behalf of Hillary Clinton?  What if it were the only way he could avoid jail time?

Note to Ms. Clinton:  if andrew mccabe is put in the position of being able to spill his guts to save his ass, don’t bet on him refusing to do so.

This could get real interesting, real fast.

We’ll see….

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