White liberals.   What do they really think about Black people?

Charles Blow’s latest commentary in today’s new york times provides a very interesting, very informative analysis of  Black voters and their attitudes towards homosexuality.

But in the course of providing that analysis, Mr. Blow also gives a surprisingly forthright, bluntly-stated indictment of what a great many supposed “White liberals” really think about Black people.

Here are the key excerpts:

Reducing Pete Buttigieg’s struggle to attract black support solely to black homophobia is not only erroneous, it is a disgusting, racist trope, secretly nursed and insidiously whispered by white liberals with contempt for the very black people they court and need.

I have never been blind to this — the people who see black religiosity as an indicator of primitive thinking and lack of enlightenment.

They are those who see black people as a blight on our big cities, pathologically prone to violence and in need of pity and crumbs they cast about and call philanthropy.

They see these black voters as needing to be led, directed and better informed rather than as sophisticated voters fully capable of making informed decisions that they believe are best for their lives and communities.

These people blame black voters when their candidate or their cause fails, even though black voters are the most consistently loyal Democrats in this country.

It is tiresome and disappointing to constantly have to defend yourself not only from people who are openly hostile to you, but also from those who feign friendship but are secretly hostile to you.

 It is no surprise to find out that Charles blow thinks White non-liberals are openly hostile to Black people.  In point of fact, a good many are.

But how refreshing it is for Mr. Blow to note that, in his opinion, White liberals, for all their posturing and preening as keepers of the equality flame, are just as hostile to Black people as the non-liberals he decries, even though they pretend otherwise.

Is this ‎universally true of White liberals? No it is not, any more than it is universally true that all non-liberals are racists.

But my experience is that a good many are exactly as Charles Blow suspects.

Thank you, Mr. Blow, for being honest enough to say so

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  • Racism and Slavery in the USA
    Racism in the Democrat Party shouldn’t surprise anyone, it is because of academia that people would be surprised by it..

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