How do the network news shows, and morning shows, decide what is important enough to do stories about?

You would hope that part of the equation is a) the significance of the subject and b) how important the new information about that subject is.

With that in mind, please read the following excerpt from an editorial in yesterday\’s Investors Business Daily, and tell me whether you think it might qualify:

Accountability: Two new audits reveal failures in ObamaCare on a scale even we didn\’t think possible, with unresolved discrepancies, rules violations and technology problems that expose taxpayers to massive overpayments.

In the first of a series of ObamaCare audits, the Health and Human Services inspector general found 2.9 million “inconsistencies” in applications submitted to the federal exchange in the first five months of open enrollment.

In other words, the Social Security numbers, income, family size, citizenship or other information applicants provided didn\’t match existing government data. Some 1.3 million of the problems involved citizenship, and an additional million involved income, the IG said.

Worse, the IG found HHS was unable to resolve 2.6 million of these discrepancies because the ObamaCare “eligibility system was not fully operational.” This means the government “cannot ensure that an applicant meets each of the eligibility requirements for enrollment” or that they\’re getting the right tax subsidies.

How huge are these numbers? Consider that only 6 million had filled out applications by the end of February and just 2.6 million had enrolled. And of the 300,000 problems the HHS was capable of resolving, it had managed to do so for only 10,000.

Meanwhile, the 11 state-run exchanges had a total of 422,772 problems – equal to 34% of the applications they\’d received. These states didn\’t say how many of these had been resolved.

In simple terms, the Health and Human Services Inspector General – not a Republican partisan, not a member of the Tea Party, not a Fox News contributor, but the person at HHS in charge of evaluating its performance – is telling us that ObamaCare is a complete, utter shambles.  A fiasco.  A debacle.  A joke. 

God alone knows how many people who have signed up did so incorrectly.  God knows how many should never have been allowed to sign up at all.

ObamaCare, you may remember, is Barack Obama\’s signature legislation, which puts something like 1/6th of the entire economy under government\’s thumb.  So – asking again:  do you think this might qualify as a news story?

Well, if you are in charge of story selection at one of the three major networks, the answer is no. 

Not one of the three gave this story so much as one second on Tuesday night.  Or all of Wednesday or this morning.  You can read all about it here and here.

Do you think the fact that this would be a major embarrassment to Obama & Co. – and would be a major point of edification for its critics – has something to do with the lack of any coverage?  Just maybe?

I use the term “Accomplice Media a lot in here.  This is why.

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