I dedicate this blog to the Lost Tribe – i.e. the Jews, and non-Jews who support Israel and still find some rationale for supporting Barack Obama as well. 

-On June 12, three Jewish teenagers, Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Fraenkel – two Israeli, one American – made the mistake of taking a walk and trying to hitchhike a ride from their school to home. They were kidnapped. And, after almost three weeks of desperate searching, their bodies were found, crudely buried not far from where they had first ventured.

During this time a “three finger salute” quickly arose among Palestinian Arabs, the three fingers signifying glee that the teens were kidnapped and presumed dead – with a special effort to have children make the “salute” as seen in one picture below (I\’ve seen dozens more – google “three finger salute Israeli teens” and see for yourself):

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This was photographed on the Temple Mount. These \’Palestinian\’ children and their teachers are celebrating the abduction of three Jewish teenagers by holding up their three fingers in what has become the viral

And, if there were any doubt at all about the attitude of hamas – which controls Gaza and now controls Judea and Samaria (the west bank) as well, via a “unity agreement” with fatah, here is what its head, khaled mashaal, had to say about the theee teens:

“No one claimed responsibility so far. I can neither confirm [hamas\’s responsibility] nor deny it.  Blessed be the hands that captured them.  This is a Palestinian duty, the responsibility of the Palestinian people…” 

In other words, we don\’t know for sure if the teens were taken by Palestinian Arabs, but we certainly hope so, because this is their blessed (religious) duty.

-Yesterday, a 16 year old Palestinian Arab boy, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, was found dead.  There are conflicting stories of how he died – one of them being that Israelis abducted and killed him in revenge for the three Jewish teens, another that he was killed by other Palestinian Arabs – possibly members of his own family as an “honor killing” – because it was suspected that he was gay. 

Now:  How did President Barack Obama and his administration react to each incident?

Excerpted from Ari Lieberman\’s article at

Threedays after the kidnapping, Secretary of State John Kerry belatedlycondemned the criminal action and referred to it as a”despicable terrorist act.” The Secretary however, qualified hisstatement and was careful not to point fingers and lay blame at anyspecific entity though it was abundantly clear that Hamas wasculpable.

TheWhite House\’s response to the abduction was even more deplorable.There simply was none. Despite strong bipartisan congressionalcondemnation of the kidnapping, the President maintained his coldsilence on the issue as if to convey his disdain for the JewishState. The President\’s posture stands in marked contrast to hisreaction to the abduction of Nigerian school girls by the Boko Haramterrorist group when he expressed instant outrage.

Asif to add insult to injury, the White House issued an immediatecondemnation of the killing of an Arab youth, 16-year-oldMohammed Abu Khdeir, in Jerusalem on July 2, calling it “heinous”while Kerry announced that, “There are no words to conveyadequately our condolences to the Palestinian people.”

Theobvious disparity and manner in which Obama chose to address the twoincidents speaks volumes about the visceral dislike this Presidentmaintains for Israel.

Exactly, 100% correct.

-Three Israeli teens are kidnapped – and, it turns out, murdered – with the Palestinian Arab people\’s reaction being the creation of a “three finger victory” sign to celebrate the event, and one of its heads of state telling us this is exactly what Palestinian Arabs should be doing.  Barack Obama and his administration make it clear they couldn\’t care less.

-One Palestinian Arab teenager is killed, with the possibility (not at all certain) that it was at the hands of Israelis.  No celebratory signs being taught to Israeli schoolchildren,  no head of state effectively saying “good”, I hope an Israeli did it”.  Barack Obama and his administration fall all over themselves to immediately condemn the killing – again, not knowing whether any Israeli had a thing to do with it, and consoling the Palestinian Arab people – whose absolute intolerance for homosexuality might have been the cause of his death.

Over time, I have pretty much given up hope that anything will wake the Lost Tribers up and make them face reality about Barack Obama.  But I have to say that the juxtaposition of these two incidents, and the Obama reaction to them, is so egregious that it has at least a minor chance to break through some of those astonishingly thick skulls and make them see what has so plainly been in front of their eyes all this time.

I don\’t expect it.  But at least I can hope. 


UPDATE:  Regarding the Palestinian Arab teenager\’s death, we have this from an article at the Wall Street Journal:

Familymembers…said witnesses told the family that en route, two men emergedfrom a parked car and engaged Mr. Khdeir in conversation. Shortlyafter that, the men forced the teen into the car, which had blackplastic covering the windows, and sped off.

“Theyouths who saw the incident immediately called the father and motherand said the boy was kidnapped,” said the teen\’s uncle WaleedAbu Khdeir, who denied Israeli media reports that the kidnappingmight have been the result of a dispute between families. “Wedon\’t have a conflict with anyone.”

Thefamily said it had seen closed circuit TV footage that corroboratesthis version of events. They said the abduction took place on a mainstreet of Shuafat, near businesses and a light rail station withmultiple closed-circuit TV cameras around. Police haven\’t commentedon any footage.

There is “closed circuit” TV footage that corroborates” the family\’s version of events? 

Then let\’s see it.  If it is true, then the authorities – Palestinian Arab and Israeli both – have substantial evidence to investigate.  If it is not true, the family is lying, and the possibility increased that they may be fabricating a story about how he died.

Where is the footage?  Will mainstream media be joining me in asking to see it?  And, if not, why not?


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