Earlier today I blogged that the family of slain Palestinian Arab teenager Mohammed Abu-Khder claimed to have seen video footage of his abduction.

Here is the video footage they are talking about – via Ari Soffer\’s article at israelnationalnews.com:

Look at it closely.  Can you tell who is in it or what happened?  Because I can\’t.  It seems to me that, until there is some significant enhancement or other video becomes available (it is said that video exists from another angle, but I have not seen it posted yet), the above video tells us nothing.

However, the following excerpt from Soffer\’s article might.  Please read it through, and pay special attention to the last part, which I have put in bold print:

Wealready know that Mohammed was abducted and bundled into a car byunknown assailants – although initial reports suggested the car wasblack, as opposed to the light-colored vehicle seen in the videoabove. And it is clear that the figure said to be Mohammed does notgo willingly – matching testimony that he was forced into thevehicle.

Butthat the men are wandering the streets of an Arab neighborhood lateat night, and strike up a conversation with the teen before a waitingcar pulls over to pick up the victim, raises the possibility thatMohammed was targeted specifically for one reason or another, asopposed to being randomly picked by Jewish vigilantes.

Sucha scenario would fit in with suggestions offered by Moshe Nussbaum, aleading Israeli journalist and police affairs expert who raisedquestions over the background to the killings.

Asreported earlier Thursday by ArutzSheva,in an interview with Channel2 Nussbaumnoted that not long before Mohammed\’s abduction, his parents hadreported to police that his younger brother had been the victim of anattempted kidnapping himself.

Bizarrely,while the boy\’s mother had told police that “settlers” (whofor some reason she was unable to describe further) had attempted theabduction of her nine-year-old boy, his father had insisted that thewould-be kidnappers were Arabs.

Fascinating.  Before Abu-Khder was taken, there was an attempted kidnapping of his younger brother?  And the father said the kidnapping attempt was by Arabs?

Why then would anyone assume out of hand that his death was at the hands of vengeance-seeking Jews? 

You\’ll pardon me if I conclude that the jury is still out on this one.  Like 100% out. 

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